2023 Off-Season is HERE

A Message from Head Coach, Brett haug

Hello All,

Well folks it is time for our Second favorite season, Off-Season Training (OST) SEASON! This season is truly where the magic happens for you as an individual.  Preparations for May and the 2024 dragon boat season start in November!  The beautiful thing about OST and the winter months with DHVT, is the fact that you have the Opportunity to completely change your life (for the better). This all-inclusive program provides the framework to create a lifestyle focused on the best health and wellness practices based on the most up-to-date research, while providing elite workout programming. This program will turn you into the strongest paddler possible, but more importantly give you all the tools to live a long and healthy life.

When focused on a goal in the future, whether being prepared for the start of the season to enjoy the paddling season to the fullest or preparing for the Club Crew World Championships (and everything in between), one thing is absolute…. It is a process that takes time. Progress is not made in a day, a week or even a month. It is made slowly and steadily over the course of the entire winter. Goals are met by overcoming obstacles while choosing the path that will challenge oneself most. Putting yourself in a position to be challenged is not easy, but when you have teammates pushing alongside we can all make positive changes together!

The Process

We begin with correcting any imbalances, inefficiencies and muscular dysfunctions by identifying potential problems which we will do with the help of our friends from Burlington PT. We will use this information to create better joint stability and mobility thereby building a strong foundation. You can ONLY build strength on top of a strong foundation, not one that leaks and is full of cracks… (sometimes my body feels like that, lol). As strength continues to build, we will incorporate power and plyometric movements to generate force at a quicker rate (like we do in paddling). Finally, we will translate our strength and power to sport specific movement patterns that will allow ALLL that work to have a major impact on our paddling abilities. All the while cardiovascular capabilities will be progressed throughout the off-season as well, giving you a well-rounded physical base.

Whether you need to create a whole new lifestyle because you want to feel healthier and happier alongside feeling stronger or are interested in elevating your fitness abilities, I will ask each of you to set some short and long term goals for this off-season. I will ask you to hone in habits outside the gym in combination with our fitness plan to feel the full effect of our OST Wellness program.


As in past seasons there will be plenty of options for you to choose what works for your goals and life best, including the Classes listed below:

OST Circuit

This class is the bread and butter of our OST program.  It is your one stop shop to make improvements on each aspect of fitness. This circuit training class includes, strength training, mobility work, power exercises, cardiovascular training, core exercises and more. The goal is to improve overall fitness related to dragon boat paddling and have FUN while doing so! All levels welcome. Workouts will vary slightly based on the program you choose. (read more about that below)

VT Strong (strength Class)

The focus of this class is strength development.  This workout is a weight lifting class meant to improve your overall strength. Taking into consideration each individual requires specific attention, modifications will be made as necessary to make sure each individual is improving their strength in a safe and effective manner.

Row Fit (cardiovascular Training)

This class uses the rowers and body weight exercises to deliver a low impact cardiovascular workout that targets the whole body. Using specific work/rest ratios this class will improve multiple aspects of your cardiovascular abilities. Everyone is able to take part in this class regardless of experience or fitness level.

HIT (High Intensity)

This class will push you to the limit using a variety of lifts, cardiovascular training and compound body movements designed to improve all aspects of fitness. Fun competitions and challenging routines make this class one you will love… once completed of course.

This is an advanced class


This class is a yoga class focusing on lengthening muscle tissue creating greater joint mobility. The term Poga refers to a yoga class that is specific paddlers, focusing on specific areas of the body the tighten after a long season of a repetitive motion. This is an extremely important element of fitness because without proper mobility and flexibility, it is very difficult to continue to improve strength.  Performance will also greatly suffer in the boat if your body is restricted by tight musculature. Stay Loose my friends.Other Aspects of OST

In addition to fitness classes, OST will also provide:

  • A workout guideline to follow on days in addition to classes. These workouts can be done at a satellite gym location, during open gym hours at VPF or at home.
  • Lifestyle and Nutritional blogs- This information will help shape a lifestyle around best wellness nutrition practices. While workouts are incredibly important for any health or sport related goal, more is needed to create real long lasting change. It’s the work you do OUTSIDE the gym that truly has a profound effect.
  • Fitness assessments- It is very important for you to know where you are individually and to see how your hard work creates positive change.
  • YouTube Videos- You will receive additional workouts to follow to help support your program virtually.
  • Zoom Nutrition Talks- Hone in healthy nutrition habits by expanding your knowledge while chatting with professional coaches.

Sign Ups

Sign-ups will start on Monday October 23rd at 5:00 pm! When signing up for an OST package there will be a few options for you. First you will choose the classes (two per week) that work best for your goals and schedule, but I will also ask you sign up for a specific program. Each program has its own programming specific to goals represented by each program.

  1. Competition Prep– This package is based on the idea of prepping for one goal, becoming the most elite paddler you can be. This is a build up to the 2024 competition season and the goal is to improve strength, cardiovascular abilities, power etc. specific to the sport of dragon boat.  This package is designed to develop our bodies for the Club Crew World Championships and other competitive races during the 2024 season. Those not going to CCWC may still sign up for this package of course.
  2. DHVT Wellness Program– This package is an overall fitness and wellness program that focuses on the improvement in body mechanics while developing strength and fitness for everyday activities. Of course, the focus will be on making improvements focused on dragon boat paddling but this program will allow you to function better in your daily life as well.
  3. Virtual/Online Training Option– We want to give everyone the opportunity to train with us, regardless of how far away they are from VT.  This option will keep you on the same page with your VT teammates and working towards the same goals. This also might be a good option for those that cannot meet any of the times for training at the gym. This option will provide you flexibility to workout on your own schedule.

In person training packages (#1 and #2) will be able to add virtual/zoom classes to their packages. We will also offer the “all class pass” as well, which will guarantee you three classes per week and allow you to fill into ANY additional classes that have space available.


OST Session 1 will take place from Monday October 30th – Sunday Dec 31st. There will be no classes on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the day after Christmas.

Whether your goals are injury prevention, improved paddling performance or a stronger and healthier life in general OST is where the magic happens! Let’s all push each other to the Absolute BEST VERSIONS OF OURSELVES that we possibly can be. This program is all about creating a newer better version of yourself and your Life!

Please reach out if you have any questions at BrettDHVT@gmail.com.
Be Well
Brett Haug