2023-24 OST Session One Sign-ups

A message from Head Coach, Brett Haug

Hey All,

As mentioned in the previous email with details about the Off-Season Training (OST) Program, registration will open at 5:00 pm today.  I just want to go over a few more details with you all.

First at the bottom of this email is the class schedule for Session 1 of OST. I want you all to be aware that I am willing to add in additional classes and even change some classes if there is significant demand. So, while we will mainly stick to this schedule there might be some variance between today and next Monday when OST begins.  I will make that clear as needed.  You will also note that there are less options to zoom the classes that are also being taught in person. We saw last year as in-person (IP) classes have filled back up again, it is difficult to teach that hybrid style so we are doing are best to separate the virtual/online training from the In-person training, but still offering enough options that will work for everyone.

The Virtual/Online training option will also have a strictly YouTube Circuit sent out each week in addition to the zoom options you see on the calendar. I will go over exercises and modifications in depth for you to complete with at home equipment.

I will also send out YouTube videos to the In-Person packages so you can fill your week with training options everyday.

To SIGN UP, go to the members page and click the link labeled OST. You will then have all the options to sign up for the package and classes you want. Again, the previous email gave you all details on the program options. Wellness program will be labeled (WP) and Competitive Prep (CP). If a class is labeled a specific program and you did not sign up for that program, you may still sign up for that class if it works better for your schedule. Please just let me know if you do so. All packages start at $155. There is a youth price available at a discounted rate.

In addition to the package you choose, which will give you two in person classes each week, you can add the “All Class Pass” or Zoom add Ons. The All-class pass will give you a guaranteed third class per week and you can join ANY additional classes as long as there is room.

*This means EVERYONE must be good about using the calendar. If you cannot make a class you will take your name off the calendar for that day, so other people may sign up. Penalty burpees will be applied LOL.

Sunday morning classes will be both In person classes and Zoom. Go back to back for maximum benefit!!


6:30 am Circuit (CP)6:30 am Row fit (zoom only)8:00 am

Circuit (WP/CP)

12:30 pm Circuit (WP)12:30 pm

Strength (CP)

12:30 pm Circuit (WP)9:00 am POGA (Zoom & IP option)
5:00 pm Strength (CP/WP)5:00 pm Strength (CP/WP)5:30 pm

Circuit (CP)

10:00 am


9:50 am Row Fit (zoom & IP Option)
6:00 pm Circuit (CP)6:00 pm Circuit (WP/Zoom Option)

Again, please reach out to me at BrettDHVT@gmail.com if you have any questions. Please let me know if you would like something added or changed in the schedule. It is not guaranteed to happen but if enough folks feel the same about a certain topic, I will make a change!

Lets get it FOLKS!