Dragon Boat Saddles

We have an opportunity to buy 2024 dragon saddles at wholesale price.  Linda Dyer has reached out to the Doug, the owner of Dragon Boat Saddles, and arranged an opportunity for us to make a bulk purchase of saddles at wholesale price $57 and no shipping charge.  These are his top of the line model, retail price is $76.  His website is very cluttered and confusing but this is style SS-11, just going into production.

Please contact Kevin at Dittuswise@hotmail.com by April 7th, if interested.

Linda’s message:
Here is the info on the new and beautiful dragon saddles for 2024 and how you can order yours. Douglass Bedgood is the brainchild behind these popular butt pads. Here is the latest version. You can order with Teflon or without. He also has many other colors and patterns.

Doug’s message:
This photo shows what I have this year for BCS teams. They have always asked me for hot pink and here it is in the newest design.

The width is IDBF max, 8″. The platform is flexible over the front of the bench for deep leg drive strokes. The gerth around the bench is 4″ wide Velcro with a fast pull tab. There is a 6.5mm removable insert. Teflon is available for those that need effortless rotation.

These 2024 Dragon Saddles are also in many other colors and patterns. Pattern options are located on the bottom right hand of his home page.