2023 Winners – Races, Raffles & Spirit

2023 Race Results

With perfect summer weather, the race times on our 200m course were blistering fast!!! The DHVT Power Dragons (one of our sport division crews) flew down the course in a record setting 48.02 seconds! Wowza!

Check out all the results divisional results below or download the full race results! Note that Community teams in Divisions A – D raced with 16 paddlers, while Sport Division teams had 20 paddlers in their boats.



2023 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival – Divisional Winners

 Gold MedalTimeSilver MedalTime
Division ACrossFit Burlington00:49.45Vermont Paddle Fitness00:50.92
Division BMaking Waves00:58.33Tachy for Ta-Ta’s00:59.26
Division CRhythm and Blues01:03.67Preop Pirates01:03.93
Division DCancer Patient Support Foundation Hope Heroes01:03.87BT-Hetis01:05.87
Mixed Sport DivisionDHVT Power Dragons00:48.02DragonFire00:56.66
Women’s Sport DivisionDVHT Open Water00:52.42Relentless Krush00:53.89
Sisters at Heart FinalDragonheart Rainbow Sisters00:56.56Dragonheart Sunshine Sisters00:56.56


 The Splash for Cash Dash: The celebration of our top fundraising teams:

Our top three fundraising teams as of the evening August 5th were: 1. Dream Weavers ($10,615), 2. Vermont Ribbon Rowers ($10,428), and 3. Pull Together ($7,125).

After the Flower Ceremony finished, they loaded up the boats for a “celebratory paddle” around the cove to the applause of our spectators, participants and members. .

These three teams have now raised over $30,000 and the top position has swapped back and forth several times. THANK YOU TEAMS!

Check out the current team results here.

50/50 Raffle Results

Congratulations to Pat McKenna, paddler for Community Bank A Team Paddlers, winner of the LCDBF 50/50 Raffle!

Pat won a cool $555.50 and donated a sizable portion of that back to the Festival! What a generous winner–thanks, Pat!

Pick-Your-Prize Raffle Results

With 67 great prizes, it’s a long list! Please click on the button below to see if you were a winner!

202 Spirit Award Winners

Everyone brought their fun and creative spirits to the Festival along with their athleticism and racing prowess. Here are the standouts!

Best Team Song/Cheer

Fanny Pack
Heart of the Home

Best Team Name

Community Bank Hakuna MaTaTas
Banchors Aweigh!

Best Team Tent Site

Preop Pirates
Dream Weavers

Best Team Shirt/Costume

Tachy For Ta-Tas
Cancer Patient Support Foundation Hope Heroes

Best Drummer Costume

Rally Against Cancer
Collins Aerospace Boats of Glory


Beth Simon – DHVT Sisters and Soul Sisters
Kally K. Smith – Fire Breathing Lab Dragons