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August 5, 2018

Fundraising continues through the month of August.
Donate today!!!


Congratulations to our fundraising stars

Brett Haug of the Snap Dragonz team has raised $3391 so far!!!
From C2 Shining Sea has raised an amazing $18,096 to date!!!


Congratulations to our 2018 Champ Cup Winners

The WND&WVS team has done it again!


Team Leaderboard

Name Amount Raised Help Support
Snap Dragonz $7452.00 Donate
23tons $6445.00 Donate
Snap Hulks $4539.00 Donate
Dragon Techs $2350.00 Donate
Union Mutual $1055.00 Donate
Fanny Pack $830.00 Donate
TD Titans $596.00 Donate
Groovy UV $440.00 Donate
KeyBank $220.00 Donate
WND&WVS $0.00 Donate
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PADDLER Leaderboard

Name Amount Raised Help Support
Brett Haug $3391.00
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