July, 2021

Dear family members and friends,

It is with great sadness and an enormously heavy heart that I must send this note. Louise Crawford, my wife of nearly 58 years, the love of my life, my lifelong best friend, and the mother of my children has passed away. It is difficult to overstate the loss to us all.

Briefly, we returned from Florida to our lake home in Vermont at the end of May. By the end of the first week Louise was uncomfortable. She was worked up at the University Hospital and found to have advanced and extremely aggressive ovarian cancer. A trial of chemotherapy did not slow the disease and led to severe complications. We could do little more than give love and comfort as she lost her battle. Louise’s final days were at the McClure-Miller Respite House, where she received extraordinary, compassionate care. Louise passed peacefully on July 6th with us by her side and even her little dog nestled with her.

Thank you very sincerely for the calls, cards, letters, emails, messages, virtual and personal visits, and prayers. They were very important to Louise throughout. Your kind and generous support also provided the energy that kept us going.

In accordance with Louise’s wishes, and in recognition that so many of you are scattered around the world, we will hold a small family ceremony by her beloved Lake Champlain.

Please join with me, my daughter Laurie, and my son Mark in doing something of your choice that would truly honor Louise in the way she would choose. Please reach out to the people in your life. Tell them while you have them that you love them. Hug them. And do something special, anything, to make their lives happy. Then close your eyes for a moment and quietly tell Louise about it.

With our warmest regards,