Telehealth Counseling Sessions (Up to 6 sessions) (up to $600)


Do you need extra emotional and practical support in figuring out all the wild impacts that cancer has on you and your family? Of course, you do, and you deserve it!
Stacy Burnett is an experienced clinical social worker and breast cancer survivor on Dragonheart Vermont’s Soul Sisters team.  She is offering up to six counseling sessions via telehealth for individuals, couples, children, or families.  Whether you need a safe place to vent your feelings about your experience, someone to help your family have tough conversations, or are interested in learning and practicing mindfulness in the company of an experienced practitioner, you deserve to focus on healing all aspects of you! You can choose how you’d like to spend this time as you go.  It can be weekly, monthly, or as needed, with one individual, family, or a combination.

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