Eric Chalfant



Amount Raised: $100
Goal: $100
Chelsea Chalfant donated $65 on Sunday, August 4th
Love you!
Philip Cohen donated $25 on Friday, August 2nd
The boat paddles better right side up! God Bless & Paddle Straight!
Judi Schonfeld donated $10 on Sunday, July 21st
Nice bio! Love you lots and paddle hard!


My name is Eric. I think I am a good paddler but my wife disagrees. Let's prove her wrong. Please donate to this important cause! We are so lucky to have a community that values hospice care. Many communities do not have settings like the Respite House to offer support to hospice patients who are not able to be at home at end-of-life. More about me: I am a young 39 year old. I drive big trucks for a living. I love my dog Lucy cause she is awesome. My wife wrote my bio.