DHVT began in 2004 as a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team. Today, we are this and so much more. Dragonheart Vermont stands as a 175-member club (and growing) with 10 different teams catering to survivors and supporters; males and females; young and not-so-young athletes; recreational to elite paddlers. We work together to get fitter and stronger while having a blast. The fact is we have become good at paddling. Some of our teams have raced dragon boats all around the world and are National and World Champs. All of teams enjoy paddling together and laughing together. There is nothing like the rush of racing a dragon boat and feeling the wind in face and the glide that occurs when 20 paddlers are paddling as one!


Competitive Crews

  • Dragonheart Vermont Sisters (Breast Cancer Survivor Team)
  • Dragonheart Vermont Soul Sisters (Breast Cancer Survivor Team)
  • Dragonheart Vermont Fire (Women 18 years old or above – Premier Women’s Team)
  • Dragonheart Vermont Dragonflyers (Women and Men 18 years old or above – Premier Mixed Team
  • Dragonheart Vermont Green Mountain Girls (Women 50 years old or above – Senior B Women’s Team)
  • Dragonheart Vermont Fifty Force (Women and Men 50 years old or above – Senior B Mixed Team)
  • Dragonheart Vermont Barge Boys (Men of all ages)
  • Dragonheart Vermont Warriors (Women 60 years old or above – Senior C Women’s Team)
  • Dragonheart Vermont Quicksilver (Sr. C Mixed Team ≥60 years old)

Recreational Crews

Dragonheart Vermont Developmental Crew (DDC) – open to all newbies in development for another crew or paddlers who want to paddle but not commit to racing schedule

Dragonheart Vermont Early Bird – open to all members looking for a fun but not aggressive practice at 6:30am

Dragonheart Vermont Morning Gang – open to all members looking for a fun but not aggressive practice at 9am

Information on Joining a Dragonheart Team

Dragonheart Vermont wants those interested in joining the organization to understand our mission and to experience paddling before signing up. We generally hold information sessions for interested paddlers in the early spring and run “Newbie Nights” on the water in early June and again after our Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival.

Please contact us about becoming a member below.


Public Race Schedule

During the 2018 season, our teams will compete in the Montreal Olympic Basin in May and September.  Mid-summer our crews will be competing at the Club Crew World Championships in Szeged, Hungary.  Our Breast Cancer Survivor crews will be heading to Florence, Italy to attend the International Breast Cancer Paddling Commission Dragon Boat Festival, held every four years.  More than 150 breast cancer crews from around the world attend this event.