2022 Field of Teams

“BT”Hetis Burlington Telecom
Captain: Jorie Spaulding
Burlington Telecom is a telecom provider that does things differently. We believe in treating our customers with the respect they deserve, while providing the best possible experience. We are made of employees, friends, and relatives to paddle in the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival. Our team name “BT-Hetis” is an ode the Greek mythology’s goddess of water, “Thetis”, combined with our shorthand for Burlington Telecom, BT. thus, BT-Hetis was formed! We look forward to supporting the Cancer Patient Support Foundation at this 16th Anniversary of the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival.





Baystate Support Oars – Baystate Financial
Captain: Brittany Gaydos
We are an amazing team of cancer survivors, professionals, family, and friends who’ve paddled many years together. We are so proud to paddle with Baystate Financial, a generous organization that understands when fighting cancer, it’s all about support!





Beta Motor Boaters – Beta Technologies
Captain: Jeff Solomon
BETA Technologies is a Vermont-based electric aerospace company developing an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the ALIA. Additionally, the team is also developing accompanying multimodal charging infrastructure and training programs to provide an end-to-end solution that enables greener, safer and more efficient transportation. BETA is composed of passionate doers and builders from a wide variety of industries and locations that are looking to contribute to the community in a meaningful way and show their support for cancer survivors.

BTBC Titans – Galaxy – Boston Taiwanese Boat Club
Captain: Cheng-Che Lee
The BTBC Titans team is made of enthusiastic, fun-filled, and competitive Taiwanese students and working professionals in the greater Boston area founded in July 2018. As of 2021, BTBC has become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Taiwan and the sport of Dragon Boat racing to New England and the United States. We aim for competing at a high level of the game while having fun and making friends. As united as a team, we believe that there is no MVP in a dragon boat. We paddle together and learn from each other. Everyone counts; Everyone matters. As buoyant as our boat, we brave the rough currents, wind, and rain. We believe that our heart and tenacity could bring out the best in us.

BTBC Titans – Pro Max – Boston Taiwanese Boat Club
Captain: James Li
The BTBC Titans team is made of enthusiastic, fun-filled, and competitive Taiwanese students and working professionals in the greater Boston area founded in July 2018. As of 2021, BTBC has become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Taiwan and the sport of Dragon Boat racing to New England and the United States. We aim for competing at a high level of the game while having fun and making friends. As united as a team, we believe that there is no MVP in a dragon boat. We paddle together and learn from each other. Everyone counts; Everyone matters. As buoyant as our boat, we brave the rough currents, wind, and rain. We believe that our heart and tenacity could bring out the best in us.

Cancer Avengers – UVM Cancer Center
Captain: Kim Dittus
The Cancer Avengers are UVM Oncology Medical Center staff, faculty and friends who are all focused on erasing cancer and allowing everyone to life a healthy, happy life.  We race in support of the Cancer Patient Support Foundation.

Cancer Patient Support Foundation
Captain: Jennifer Sullivan
The Cancer Patient Support Foundation (CPSF) is an independent, nonprofit organization. We serve Vermont cancer patients and their families in a time of extraordinary need by providing financial assistance and support during diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. The Foundation’s vision is that all who face cancer can do so with dignity, confidence and serenity.





CCS Crickets – Champlain Community Services
Captain: Laurie O’Hanlon
We are an assorted group of paddlers associated with Champlain Community Services (CCS) as employees, friends, and friends of employees.

CCS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation offering individualized, essential support – at work, at school, at home, and in the community – to Vermonters with intellectual disabilities and autism. We seek to build a community where everyone participates and everyone belongs, and where all members are recognized and valued. Self-advocacy is encouraged with deep engagement in the community, to work to build strong partnerships with businesses, organizations, and neighbors to realize that vision.

As a small nonprofit, we are often (always) fundraising to better support the people we serve. So, we welcome this opportunity to support some others doing such good things.

Community Bank Trust Services – Community Bank, N.A.
Captain: Andrew Cross
The Community Bank Trust Services team is thrilled to be a part of the 2022 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival! Our team consists of a mix of brand-new paddlers and Dragon Boat Festival veterans who have come together from across northern Vermont and New York. We will be paddling this year because Dragonheart Vermont’s mission to help local cancer survivors is a mission that resonates with each and every one of us.

Dragon Dream Team – Dream
Captain: Barb Fox
The Dragon Dream Team is Ohio’s first all breast cancer survivor dragon boat team. Dragon Dream Team members, women of all ages and backgrounds, from newly diagnosed to long time survivors, came together 12 years ago. That is when they discovered that a 2000 year old paddling sport and a pink dragon boat could be the key to finding wellness, fun and great, active life after breast cancer. Paddling is the fun part. Sharing a message of hope and encouragement is the important part.

Dragonheart Vermont Catch 22 –  Motley Crue
Captain: Ben Luna
Catch 22 is Dragonheart Vermont’s development team. Some of us have paddled most of the summer, some just a couple of times. We look forward to Coach Ben’s leading us through our first race ever!

Dragonheart Vermont Sisters All
Captain: Cathy Buck
Dragonheart Vermont Sisters All are part of a breast cancer paddler dragon boat club from Burlington, Vermont. We have a special sisterhood that focuses on living well, laughter, strength and joy. We have been lucky enough to travel the world together and also paddle right here at home on beautiful Lake Champlain. We are sisters at heart, joined in the race to end breast cancer…..at last.

Family Reunion
Captain: Sara White
A team of family and friends in the same place, at the same time, for a great cause!

Fire Breathing Lab Dragons – UVM Health Network
Captain: Lynn Bryan
Lab Medicine – we’re all heart. Oh, and other organs. Also blood, urine, stool and other less common bodily fluids, that’s us too.

For us, every sample has a patient behind it, and way too many of those patients have cancer in one form or another. We love how Dragonheart and the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival help support breast cancer survivors through paddling and other year-round programs. Sharing the monies raised at the festival with the Cancer Patient Support Foundation helps those in our communities fighting their battling with all cancers too.

The Fire Breathing Lab Dragons want to support both organizations with our best fundraising efforts too!




Freedom & Unity – Vermont Town & City Clerks and Treasurers
Captain: Jessica Alexander

“Freedom and Unity” is made up of Vermont Town Clerks and Treasurers, our families and friends. Vermont Clerks take an oath to support the Constitution of the State of Vermont and of the United States. We are the record keepers at the heart of our communities, serving everyone equally, justly and respectfully. Don’t forget to vote in the State Primary this Tuesday August 9th. If you need to register to vote then find our boat.

Captain: Beth Rumpf
From surviving to thriving one stroke at a time. As a program of the National Capital Area Women’s Paddling Association and Washington, D.C.’s only dragon boat team for persons touched by breast cancer, we’re committed to helping breast cancer survivors of all ages (and their supporters and loved ones) discover the healing power of water, community, and the unique camaraderie of dragon boating.

Groovy UV – University of Vermont
Captain: Cara Feldman-Hunt
UVM staff and faculty paddling to support Dragonheart Vermont and the Cancer Patient Support Foundation. We are ready to compete with the other teams.  Watch Out for Groovy UV!!





Hakuna Ma Ta Tas – Community Bank, N.A.
Captain: Christopher Blackler
Our employees come from Vermont and New York and bring 100% enthusiasm as they paddle together at this year’s Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival.  HaKuna MaTaTa means ‘worry free for the rest of your days’ and that’s our cancer free philosophy! Community Bank, N.A. is happy to help support cancer survivors in our community.

Harvard Engine 9
Captain: Ruitong Li
The Harvard Dragon Boat Team: a GSAS Student Organization is a student-run club for paddlers of all levels. The team was established in 1999, marking us as the premiere dragon boat team in Boston. Members of the Dudley House intramural crew team who were looking for a summer diversion spearheaded the establishment. They entered the Boston Dragon Boat Festival, hoping their familiarity with rowing in time might translate into the angular dragon boat paddles. Although the abrupt, aggressive stroke of dragon boating was not similar to the lengthy pull of the oars they knew, the team enjoyed immediate success, finishing second place in the local division. The team has enjoyed numerous successes ever since, competing at various races throughout the Northeast region and internationally. Our team constitution can be found here. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

Heart of the Home  – UVM Health Network – Home Health & Hospice
Co-captains: Priscilla Kraut & Cheryl Lovell
We are a nonprofit home health and hospice provider. We are mission driven and community-based, whose focus is to deliver high quality care for all those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Kim’s One Boob Crew 
Captain: Kim Kimball
We are a 1st time team looking to have a great time while raising funds for a great organization! Our crew consists of several local breast cancer survivors and family members and friends who have and continue to support us. For many of us this is our 1st participating and we are all super excited to get out on the water!

Love What We Do  – Burlington Bayada Hospice
Captain: Heather McAllister
Support Burlington Bayada Hospice as we race for a great cause! We love what we do! Bayada Hospice is an organization that supports patients and families at end of life with a holistic model of care that explores mind, body, and soul. We are a team of nurses, social workers, spiritual caregivers, support staff, and volunteers who all believe in our mission to support our patients throughout their journey with quality of life for however long they have left.





Make Waves for WellnessUVMMC
Captain: Greg Lamoy
Our crew is comprised of UVMMC employees and family members from a wide range of professional and clinical care areas across the hospital and from our satellite sites across the state.  Together our team members are energized and interested in participating in the Dragonheart event this year to support our patients and families living with a cancer diagnosis. Many on the team have been touched themselves by a cancer diagnosis and have used integrative therapies to heal and live healthy lives. Everyone on the team is excited to participate and support the Cancer Patient Support Foundation.





Making Waves – Champlain College
Captain: Miriam Horne
We are a dynamic team of educationally focused, spirited paddlers. Champlain College has participated in this event regularly. It is an honor to be a part of this fun and very meaningful fundraiser to join in the effort to support those who previously or currently live life fully with cancer.

Pull TogetherFirst Congregational Church of Burlington
Captain: Baki Nelson

Our team PULL TOGETHER has a message for those battling with cancer: “We are here to support you in your difficult journey. From prayers at our homes and churches to paddling in a Dragon Boat, we do what we can to be beside you.”

We are a dedicated team from First Congregational Church of Burlington, an open and affirming church. Our values are humanity, diversity, inclusion and kindness. No matter who you are and where you are in the journey of life, you are welcome to our church. We have open arms for all walks of life and once you come in, you will feel at home.

Last time our church participated in the Lake Champlain Dragonboat Festival was 2017 and once again we are back on the water for a fun, meaningful and fulfilling mission. We believe this festival brings communities together and offers wonderful support to those who have been battling cancer. We look forward to the festival and send our message of love and support to cancer survivors and veterans of that difficult journey.




Rock n Rollers 
Captain: Pam Bower
Chrome wheeled, fuel injected and steppin’ out over the line. We are a team of mostly women from central Massachusetts and Benson, VT. The team captain attended the race last year and it looked like a lot of fun, so the seed was planted to participate. The Rock n Rollers were formed with a sub-group called the Gold Diggers because they dig Vermont Gold Vodka!! Our single race goal is to not roll the boat.

Rhythm & Blues – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
Captain: Tamara Haywood
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont’s Rhythm and Blues team will rock (but hopefully not roll!) through the waves to victory, paddling toward a healthier Vermont! Our goal is to make the competition sing the “blues” and help find a cure for breast cancer. Come race day, we’ll be paddlin’ with rhythm.

SMC Dragon Slayers – Saint Michael’s College
Captain: Allison Close
We are staff, faculty, students, alumni, and friends of Saint Michael’s College. We are here to slay the dragon and rescue our dear princess, paddling hard and fast, but most importantly, together! We are the Knights, and we have the right, to paddle!

Snap Warriors – SNAP Fitness, Berlin
Captain: Jackson McCoy
The Dragon Boat Team Snap Warriors is made up of members from the community who attend our local gym, Snap Fitness Berlin. We are all dedicated, self-motivated, driven people who are so excited to be a part of this great cause! Many of us have never paddled before, but we are up for the challenge! See you all on the water!

Soaring Ruckers
Captain: Neal Hayes
Back again for 2021, this compilation of friends, family, hockey and rugby connections, and the Soaring on team from 2017 will try again to take home a trophy! Soaring On was created by the team captain after surviving ovarian cancer. From diagnosis to survivor Gabrielle appreciated the support of community and the resources needed for cancer survivors. Our team is completely funded by the fundraising done by each of the individual paddlers on our team. We look forward to seeing you on the water!





Sodexo BusyBEES – Sodexo
Captain: Trinia Cookson
Our Team is Sodexo, which is the food service for Norwich University and VTC. We have managers, spouses, and hourly employees paddling this year, we are using this as a great team builder for our accounts. We started paddling with Norwich University, and then started our own team two years ago. ;We have two paddlers who have battled cancer and several who have family members who have battled cancer, some survivors and unfortunately some not.




Sweet Charity
Captain: Lauren LaBerge Taddeo
Sweet Charity is a resale shop filled with pre-loved goods for the home. We are brimming with furniture, art, glassware, jewelry, kitchen goods, linens, and decorative home accessories. Sweet Charity was conceived and is managed by Women of Wisdom, a 501(c)3 non-profit giving circle that uses its resources to empower individuals in need. The shop provides a constant source of funding for individuals as well as local philanthropic projects chosen by Women of Wisdom. This is our first year paddling in the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival.

Tachy for Ta-Tas
Captain: Amanda Trombley
We are a team of healthcare workers who have been working together for many years and some pretty difficult times, who want to show our support to the community by raising money for a great cause and help our team grow stronger. What better way than to come together for our community to then to help in our daily lives and to raise money in support of all those affected by cancer. The dragon boat festival will be a great bonding experience for us to do together to help our team grow stronger to be able continue to serve the community. This is our first year for most of us doing the Dragonheart festival and We look forward to doing our best and raising money for the cancer patients and their loved ones.>/span>




The Essex Resort & Spa – Cookin’ for a Cause
Co-Captains: Mike McNeil & Bernadette Whitcomb
We are back on the water again for this year’s 2022 Festival with a boatload of new paddlers! We are giddy with excitement! Do they want to win? HECK, YEAH!  WHY DO WE PADDLE…because we are a very competitive bunch. 

Watch out because here comes 16 determined paddlers, and 1 crazy drummer from just about every department at the Essex Resort & Spa, plus a couple local partners, Champlain Cable and AstenJohnson.

Aside from being a competitive group, we are happy to support the Cancer Patient Support Program to assist those going through cancer treatments, and Dragonheart Vermont for their support of breast cancer survivorship.

The Pacemakers – UVM Health Network Cardiology
Captain: Anna Hilton
Putting heart into all we do. We’re excited to be putting paddle to water in support of our friends and family who have fought breast cancer!

Cardiology team members from around the region are excited to come together as the Pacemakers dragon boat team to support our friends and family near and far who have fought the breast cancer fight. On a daily basis we put heart into all we do, caring for patients with all types of cardiac conditions across Vermont and New York. Although we’re used to using a different type of paddle to set the pace, for a great cause we’re putting paddle to water and getting the pace going for the dragon boat festival 2022!





UB Stay Local, Go Fast – Union Bank
Captain: Stacie Griffiths
Since its founding in 1891, Union Bank has made banking a little bit easier and more convenient for you by investing in the success of its local community — your community. Headquartered in Morrisville, VT, Union Bank is a full-service bank, with 18 branches and three loan centers located throughout northern Vermont and northern New Hampshire. Union Bank has earned an outstanding reputation for residential lending programs and is an SBA Preferred Lender and has received an “Outstanding” rating by the FDIC for our Community Reinvestment efforts. We have also been named USDA “Vermont Lender of the Year,” as well as VHFA “Top Performer” for six consecutive years. We are excited to be participating in the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival for the 2nd year in a row.





Vermont Mutual Premium Paddlers
Captain: Devyn LaFrance
Vermont Mutual Insurance Group is one of the ten oldest mutual property/casualty insurers in the U.S.  We are owned by its policyholders, unlike public insurance companies.  We provide financial security for our policyholders and agents by offering quality products and outstanding service.  Our workforce is highly motivated, loyal and dedicated.  We are happy to support the Cancer Patient Support Foundation at the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival.




Vermont Paddle Fitness
Captain: Brett Haug
Vermont Paddles Fitness is a fitness center focusing on improving the health and wellness of participants from all paddle sports.  We look forward to getting out on the water and vying for the Champ Cup this year in support of Cancer Patient Support Foundation.

Wellness Warriors
Captain: Julianne Nevins
Wellness Warriors is Massachusetts’ first dragon boat team for cancer survivors.
We provide a paddling support group for men and women of all ages diagnosed with many different types of cancer.