The Sisters at Heart TRIBUTE FLAGS are similar to Tibetan prayer flags, which are traditionally used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom and are often found strung along trails and peaks high in the Himalayas. 


Our tribute flags were introduced by our own Mary Ann C, a breast cancer survivor, cancer research advocate and mountain climber who strived to be a positive influence and role model for others facing breast cancer. On her many climbs with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP), Mary Ann stood on the summit with prayer flags in hand to convey the message of hope and remembrance: hope of a cure, of a long life, of a good quality of life, of a cancer-free world for the future; and remembrance for all those who have passed.


Today we fly tribute flags in honor and memory of those who are suffering with, or lost their lives to, breast cancer and other diseases.

Tribute flags will be available for a donation so you can honor, commemorate or celebrate a breast cancer or other cancer warrior, survivor or a loved one who is forever in your heart.