SAH Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Sisters at Heart Celebration Weekend take place? 

  • Our Sisters at Heart Celebration is always held on the first Saturday in August.
  • The Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival takes place the first Sunday in August.

When does each day begin and end?

  • Saturday begins with registration at  8 AM and typically ends at 4 PM
  • Saturday night, from 5-9:00 PM is the “Brewers Against Breast Cancer” Sunset Dance Party
  • Sunday begins with marshalling at 7:30 and the last BCS race & medals ceremony end at 2:00
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Who can participate in Sisters at Heart Celebration?

  • This event is for breast cancer survivor dragon boat teams.
  • Non paddling breast cancer survivors as well as  friends and family members are welcome to register as a Supporter.

Can I register for Sisters at Heart as an individual? The Sisters at Heart Celebration is designed for team participation. Please email us at [email protected] if you are a breast cancer survivor and part of a dragon boat team, but your team is not coming and you wish to participate.

Can we bring our steersperson? 

  • Absolutely! Your steersperson can steer for your 500m and 200m races, if pre-approved for steering on Lake Champlain with its very unpredictable conditions.
  • Please know that your steersperson will be steering in the races on Saturday and Sunday, but will not be doing so during the paddling workshop on Saturday.

Do we need a steersperson?

  • If not competing for ERDBA or a BCS medal, we can provide you with a steersperson. We cannot guarantee that the steersperson we provide will be a breast cancer survivor.
  • In order for your team to meet ERDBA requirements, you must be BCS from stem to stern, including the steersperson and drummer.

Do we need a drummer?

  • Yes, every team is asked to bring a drummer. If your drummer is unable to attend, please let us know ASAP and we will try to find a replacement.
  • If we provide a drummer, we cannot guarantee she will be a breast cancer survivor.

Do our drummer and steersperson need to be BCS?  

  • Yes, if you wish to vie for medals at the LCDBF BCS Division Races on Sunday, everyone on your boat must be BCS, including your drummer and steersperson.
  • Yes, if you wish to count SAH as an ERDBA race.


How much does it cost to participate?

The cost for the entire weekend is:

  • $1,785 for a full boat consisting of up to 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steersperson (optional)
  • $45 per person for alternate paddlers, non-paddling BCS and supporters.

What’s included in the registration fee?

All registered participants will receive:

  • Saturday (includes 500m ERDBA sanctioned races)
    • On land movement workshop
    • On water paddling workshop (paddlers & drummers only)
    • Catered Lunch (includes presentations of team cheers/songs)
    • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Social
    • Sisters at Heart Participatory medal (paddlers, drummers, steers only)
    • Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival hat and t-shirt
    • Free entry for all who wear their 2019 LCDBF t-shirt to the “Brewers Against Breast Cancer” sunset dance party, Saturday, 5-9:00 PM
  •   Sunday (includes 200m BCS division races, also ERDBA sanctioned)
    • Flower Ceremony
    • Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival participatory medal (paddlers, drummers, steers only)
    • First, second and third place medals for BCS teams

Are fees refundable? 

  • No, all fees are non-refundable

How do I register for the Sisters at Heart Celebration?

  • Captains or another designated team member must register their team.  Click <<HERE>> to register your team.
  • After registering a team, the registrant will receive a confirmation email with a link to send to teammates.
  • Participants  will then be able to register themselves and their supporters.


  • A canopy so you and your teammates have a shady place to gather; 10′ x 10′ works well for your 15” x 15’ site
  • Water bottles! We will have a water truck with free water available both Saturday and Sunday.
  • A team chant, song, or spirited cheer to share with other SAH teams at lunch on Saturday.
  • Decorations! Participate in Sunday’s Spirit Competition for the best decorated site!
  • Other good ideas: camp chairs, coolers, towels, rain gear, and warm jacket/pants just in case.
  • Paddles and PFDs if you’d like, though we will have plenty available for your use.