Sisters at Heart 2020 Race Results




SAH Virtual Race Results – Team30-min distance (km)
Dragonheart Vermont22.918
Against the Wind22.384
Chemo Savvy18.660
TEAMSurvivor Madison16.800
West Island Dragons10.200
Dragonheart Vermont23.170
West Island Dragons7.000
Chemo Savvy4.820
TEAMSurvivor Madison4.750
Rowing Erg 
Dragonheart Vermont11.781
Los Angeles Pink Dragons10.683
West Island Dragons52.700
Dragonheart Vermont35.265
Chemo Savvy21.780
TEAMSurvivor Madison14.190
Los Angeles Pink Dragons13.120
Dragonflyers Waterloo Paddling Club7.500
Against the Wind3.975
Wellness Warriors2.650
Chemo Savvy3.134
Dragonflyers Waterloo Paddling Club1.950
Dragonheart Vermont1.400





SAH Race Results – Individual30-min distance (km)
Linda Potvin, Dragonheart Vermont8.050
Lynn Marks, Against the Wind8.000
Stephanie Fassnacht, TEAMSurvivor Madison6.800
ANNE MATTHEWS, Against the Wind6.159
Eleanore (Boo) Sinclair, Dragonheart Vermont6.038
Carole Canzer, West Island Dragons5.000
Judy Weidman, TEAMSurvivor Madison5.000
Mary Jo Romero, TEAMSurvivor Madison5.000
Bernadette Whitcomb, Dragonheart Vermont4.730
Patricia Koons, Against the Wind4.225
Steph Davis, Dragonheart Vermont4.100
Betty Ann Quinn, Against the Wind4.000
Monique McMullin, Chemo Savvy3.850
Tracey King, Chemo Savvy3.850
Judy McLean, Chemo Savvy3.000
Pam Brown, Chemo Savvy3.000
Sharon Thiessen-Woods, Chemo Savvy2.900
Lyne Lacroix, West Island Dragons2.700
Theresa Theresa Skladanowski, West Island Dragons2.500
Julie Gold Steinberg, Chemo Savvy2.060
Linda Dyer, Dragonheart Vermont9.100
Ruth Thomas-Squire, Dragonheart Vermont8.050
Iliopoulos Angela, West Island Dragons4.000
Anna Symington, Dragonheart Vermont3.220
Nina Atkinson, Dragonheart Vermont2.800
Teresa Sprecher, TEAMSurvivor Madison2.450
Eleanor MacDougall, Chemo Savvy2.410
Cathy Rippin-Sisler, Chemo Savvy2.410
Nancy Saulsbury, TEAMSurvivor Madison2.300
Susan Svotelis, West Island Dragons2.000
Rachelle Audet, West Island Dragons1.000
Rowing Erg 
Nikki Hayes, Dragonheart Vermont6.561
Debra Blumberg, Los Angeles Pink Dragons5.800
Cathy Buck, Dragonheart Vermont5.220
Tana Nasser, Los Angeles PINK Dragons4.883
Leslie Caplan, GoPink!DC4.840
Mary McComb, GoPink!DC4.460
Carla Cammack, Los Angeles Pink Dragons10.620
JoAnn Lewis, Dragonflyers Waterloo Paddling Club7.500
Lisa Walters, Rowbust5.050
Miriam Boyle, Dragonheart Vermont5.000
Linda Brady, West Island Dragons4.800
Stacy Burnett, Dragonheart Vermont4.800
Karen Chammas, West Island Dragons4.200
Louise Plouffe, Dragonheart Vermont4.023
Sylvie Jacques, West Island Dragons4.000
Pat King, Dragonheart Vermont3.864
Mary Williams, TEAMSurvivor Madison3.630
Jeannine Aubertin, West Island Dragons3.500
Cindy Mariano, West Island Dragons3.400
Irene Golembiewski, TEAMSurvivor Madison3.350
Roberta Summers, Dragonheart Vermont3.220
Linda Gruppi, Dragonheart Vermont3.220
Bracha Laster, GoPink!DC3.200
Reena Normandale, Chemo Savvy3.130
Judith Kinner, Dragonheart Vermont3.122
Maureen Voss, Chemo Savvy3.000
Patricia Clapa, Chemo Savvy2.960
Bobbi Summer, Dragonheart Vermont2.816
Donna Butkus, Dragonheart Vermont2.800
Anita Toebaas, TEAMSurvivor Madison2.700
Laura Russell, Wellness Warriors2.650
Suzanne Goulet, West Island Dragons2.600
jean ettinger, Against the Wind2.575
Martha Vestling, TEAMSurvivor Madison2.530
Vesna Dragicevic-Sperner, West Island Dragons2.500
Yvonne Chang, Los Angeles Pink Dragons2.500
Diane De Grandmont, West Island Dragons2.500
Deidre Sewell, West Island Dragons2.500
Regina Ramos-Urbano, Chemo Savvy2.480
Deborah Sylvia, Chemo Savvy2.400
Maureen Pennell, West Island Dragons2.400
Mary Merges, Dragonheart Vermont2.400
Sherry Wallis, Chemo Savvy2.250
Brenda Millan, Chemo Savvy2.060
Gerda Marzell, West Island Dragons2.000
Fahimeh Bananejad, West Island Dragons2.000
Megan Sewell, West Island Dragons2.000
Lora Dobson, Chemo Savvy2.000
Geneviève Mongeau, West Island Dragons2.000
Lorraine Snelgrove, West Island Dragons2.000
Lucie Basque, West Island Dragons2.000
Marion Kemper, West Island Dragons2.000
Ellen Marendaz, TEAMSurvivor Madison1.980
Alison Robertson, West Island Dragons1.800
Muriel McCracken, West Island Dragons1.500
June Pedersen, West Island Dragons1.500
Shirley Stone, Chemo Savvy1.500
Doris Zechner, West Island Dragons1.500
Sarah West, Against the Wind1.400
Nancy Schwindt, Dragonflyers Waterloo Paddling Club1.950
Vicki Young, Chemo Savvy1.634
Colleen Ridley, Chemo Savvy1.500
Eugenie Doyle, Dragonheart Vermont1.400