The Day’s Offerings on August 1, 2020

as of May 20, 2020

July 15 is the deadline to submit:

  1. Video: Tributes and celebratory messages of cancer survivorship and/or dragon boat paddling
  2. Race results for your 30-minute activity
  3. Video:  Flower Ceremony participation 

Be sure to check this page on and after Saturday, August 1, when links will be provided for each offering!

Welcome Address from the Sisters at Heart Committee Chairperson – Cathy Buck

Attend Virtual Dragon Boat & Wellness Sessions:

Paddling Techniques with 22 Dragons
Renowned dragon boat coach and paddling expert, Matt Robert and his team of dragon boat coaches will demonstrate and dissect each stage of the dragon boat stroke, from the three sections of the boat. Depending where you sit, you can maximize your power and efficiency by following their advice. 

A Special Dragon Boat Session with Jim Farintosh, distinguished dragon boat coach and paddle partner.

Special Wellness Session for BCS Dragon Boat Paddlers with Brett Haug, Head Coach and personal fitness trainer for Dragonheart Vermont
This 50 minute session will focus on building and maintaining strength and wellness for BCS survivors. Utilizing a combination of talks and demos you can learn how to manage a healthy lifestyle and incorporate normal household items into a bonafide fitness routine.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”: Practical ways to up your nutrition game with Leigh Pryor, Culinary Medicine Chef and Kim Dittus, MD, medical oncologist and nutritionist
Hippocrates had it right all those years ago. “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” Leigh Pryor, Culinary Medicine Chef and Kim Dittus, MD, medical oncologist talk about improving your diet with an emphasis on veggies and other plant foods.

Participate in a Virtual Activity:

POGA (Yoga with your paddle)
Limber up with a special twist to yoga with Justine Zolotas, fitness instructor and dragon boat coach. POGA incorporates traditional yoga poses using your paddle (or long handle/pole) as a prop, targeting muscles used in dragon boating. 

View Your Contributions:

World wide release of SAH 2020 Flower Ceremony
Linda Dyer, Dragonheart Vermont co-founder and coach for the BCS team, “Sisters” delivers an address describing the creation of Sisters at Heart. BCS “Sister” Bonnie Jean can be heard singing this year’s flower ceremony song “One Moment in Time”.

All of you are featured joining this special event with your own flower tosses. 

Tributes and Celebratory Messages
View video selfies that celebrate survivorship, or why we paddle, or see a shout out to a fellow survivor/loved one.

Individual and Team Virtual Race Results
At Sisters at Heart, everyone is a winner! 

Meet Members from your Host Team, Dragonheart Vermont “Sisters”

View Our Stories:

The “Why I Paddle”Series

Meet Nikki, diagnosed in 2011, and a Dragonheart Member since 2013. Dragonheart Vermont has given her support, friendships, community involvement, physical fitness, travel opportunities, and peace of mind. Who could ask for more?

Dragonheart Vermont Executive Director, Nina Atkinson, tells us how Dragonheart Vermont completed her journey to her new normal and how she fulfilled her unknown need for emotional support and sisterhood; ultimately allowing her to discover how she could give back in many ways.

Dragonheart Vermont Board of Director and Member at Large, Irene, and her husband Steve discuss her cancer journey and the silver linings that changed their lives for the good.

UVM Larner College of Medicine Genomics Analyst, Julie, tells us how DHVT helped her accept her diagnosis and move forward from it. After hesitating initially to commit to such a group, she has become hooked by the sport and loves and appreciates the DHVT community spirit and strength.

SAH Chairperson, Cathy Buck was also a supporter paddler for 2 years before her breast cancer diagnosis. View her story of how paddling with Dragonheart Vermont complemented the love and support from her family by restoring her fitness and confidence.

Fitness, Teamwork and Breast Cancer – Karin
DHVT BCS “Sister”, Karin started as a supporter paddler, but switched to the BCS team after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  She paddles because she likes being a part of a team, likes the camaraderie, likes being on the water and especially likes competing.  She likes being part of an organization that gives back to the community while also  supporting each other.  Plus she likes to travel! And with this sport she gets all of that!

Closing Ceremonies

Race results are available on August 1.

All video sessions will be pre-recorded and available for viewing 24/7 by August 1.

Offerings are subject to change



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