2020 LCDBF Virtual Racing Challenge One

Challenge Number One – Photo Collage



WHAT: A collage of photos of team members (names included).

WHO: As many of your team members as you can get into the collage.

WHEN: Starting June 1st. Final submission by July 1st, please.


  • Upload using the form on this page for your official submission. 
  • Upload to the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival’s page to share with other teams


  • Participant names must be included on the collage with their picture.
  • Submit by July 1st
  • One point awarded for each team member in the collage–up to 22
  • One bonus point awarded for any team member wearing gear from a prior LCDBF or other dragon boat racing gear.
  • Photo collages will be judged for creativity by our Spirit Judges

Team Collage ENTRY

When your team has finished it’s collage, someone from your team needs to upload it here.

  • Maximum file size 10 MB