2020 LCDBF Virtual Racing Challenge Two

Challenge Number TWO – 10 Yard ‘Paddling’ Race



WHAT: A funny video that combines your love of paddling with some yoga in honor of our pledge partner, Integrative Therapies..

  • Find/create a wheeled device (a wheelbarrow, a golf cart, a lawn implement, a dolly, a child’s toy, etc.) that you can move with something akin to a paddle (an actual paddle, a hockey stick, a yard implement, a plunger, etc.) for ten yards.
  • Find someone to video your “race.” While you can do a trial run before the video, we’ve found it’s much more fun to just “go live!”
  • Begin your challenge by striking one of our three yoga poses.
  • Then jump on your contraption and paddle like crazy for 10 yards

Here are some samples (minus the yoga poses, because we didn’t practice those).

Neal Hayes, Festival Director


Michelle Miller, DHVT Web Content Manager






WHEN: Starting June 17th. Final submission by July 15th, please. Now due by July 22nd.


  • Upload using the form on this page for your official submission. 
  • Upload to the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival’s page to share with other teams


  • Submit by July 15th Extended to July 22nd.
  • One point awarded for each team member who participates–up to 22
  • One bonus point awarded for any team member wearing gear from a prior LCDBF or other dragon boat racing gear.
  • Videos will be judged for creativity by our Spirit Judges

10 Yd ‘Paddling Race’ ENTRY

Upload a copy of your individual video here. Maximum file size is 20 MB.

We’d love to have you upload to our LCDBF Facebook page too. Click here if you’re willing!

  • 20 MB maximum