Virtual Race Plan


Our Community Racing Challenge is comprised of three components that all contribute to the competition for the Virtual Champ Cup.

  1. Fun challenges to get teams connected and excited
  2. A 30-minute race component that individuals complete
  3. Fundraising–after all, this is still a charity event!

Here are the details:



  • Teams can have as many participants as they want, of any age.
  • The team captain registers the team and then invites participants to join the team.
  • Each team has a webpage created to help them build community and fundraise.


  • Challenge activities will be fun events like photo challenges, wellness challenges or physical/athletic challenges.
  • Points will be awarded by our Spirit Judges on each challenge based on team participation, and Dragonheart clothing worn.
  • Fun Challenges will be sent out to teams every 2-3 weeks from June 1st through July 22nd for them to complete on the way to the cup.


  • The virtual race challenge takes place during the week of July 24 to July 31.
  • Individuals will complete their 30 minute virtual race distance anywhere using any of the following modes they choose to obtain distances. 
  • Distances can be completed by running, walking, paddling, swimming (2x the distance), row erg/ski erg, or biking (1/2 time on bikes)
  • The captain will select up to 22 individual distance results to be submitted to the DHVT race committee by July 31st to count toward the virtual Champ Cup


  • Challenge points range from 1 to 22 depending on # of participants involved. One bonus point is awarded for each participant wearing LCDBF attire in the photo/video documentation from the Challenge.
  • Race points: Most miles = 22 points, second most = 21 points, and so on with each team receiving at least 5 points for participating.
  • Team Fundraising Points: $3,000 or more, 22 points; $2,000 – 2,999, 15 points; $1,000 – 1,999, 10 points; $500 – $999, 5 points; $1 – 499, 1 point
  • Challenge Point leader board will be posted on our website to track team progress in the build up to the Festival.
  • The Virtual Champ Cup goes to the team accumulating the most points from all three activities.