Race Results

2019 Festival Results will be posted here. 

Until then, check out the 2018 results

Festival Day 2018 brought us calm waters, a slight breeze, and HOT temperatures.

The racing was hot too! The times were fast and the races were close!

Check out all the results divisional results below or download the full race results!


2018 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival – Divisional Winners

Division AWND & WVS00:52.06SNAP Dragonz00:52.63SNAP Destroyoars00:55.92
Division BSoaring On Ruck and Rowers00:56.35The Fanny Pack00:57.42  
Division CTa-Kum-Ta Dragons00:57.19Union Mutual00:57.58  
Division DUTAS Boats of Glory01:00.05National Life Group Life Savers01:00.50  
Division EVIP Dragonboat00:59.53Livin’ on the Edge01:01.91  
Division FNorth Star Legends of Leasing01:02.21Champlain College Making Waves01:11.55