2022 Winners – Races, Raffles & Spirit

2022 Race Results

Hot! Hot! Hot! That’s true about the weather and the blisteringly fast times in the races.

Congratulations to all our paddlers for a job well done!

Check out all the results divisional results below or download the full race results! Note that Community teams in Divisions A – D raced with 16 paddlers, while Sport Division teams had 20 paddlers in their boats.



2022 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival – Divisional Winners

 Gold MedalTimeSilver MedalTime
Division ASnap Fitness Warriors00:54.70Vermont Paddle Fitness00:54.88
Division BRhythm & Blues00:59.11The Essex Resort & Spa –
Cookin’ for a Cause
Division CCancer Avengers00:58.68CCS Crickets01:00.08
Division DPull Together01:01.17UVMMC Make Waves for Wellness01:05.67
Sport DivisionDragonheart Vermont Elite00:49.34BTBC Titans – Pro Max00:49.93
Sisters at Heart FinalDragonheart Magenta Sisters00:58.07Dragon Dream Team00:58.17

And then there’s our inaugural Splash for Cash Dash

Our top three fundraising teams as of August 6th were: 1. Kim’s One Boob Crew ($6,958), 2. Tachy for Ta-Tas ($6,625), and 3. Sweet Charity ($5,118).

After the Flower Ceremony finished, they took to the race course for a “celebratory dash” to the finish line and mixed up the order of things:  Tachy for Ta-Tas took the lead with a race time of 1:02.62, Sweet Charity finished in 1:08.26, and Kim’s One Boob Crew cruised on in at 1:14.97.

No matter the position–win, place or show–they are all winners in our book, having raised almost $24,000 by the time fundraising ended on August 31!!! THANK YOU TEAMS!

50/50 Raffle Results

Congratulations to Kelly F, paddler for UVM Home Health and Hospice, winner of the LCDBF 50/50 Raffle!

Kelly splashed home with $465! Yippee!

Pick-Your-Prize Raffle Results

With 81 great prizes, it’s a long list! Please click on the button below to see if you were a winner!

2022 Spirit Award Winners

Everyone brought their fun and creative spirits to the Festival along with their athleticism and racing prowess. Here are the standouts!

Best Team Song/Cheer

Kim’s One Boob Crew
Freedom & Unity

Best Team Name

Beta Motor Boaters
Love What We Do!

Best Team Tent Site

Sweet Charity
Sodexo BusyBEES

Best Team Shirt/Costume

Motley Crew
Tachy For Ta-Tas

Best Drummer Costume

Fire Breathing Lab Techs
Groovy UV