2021 Race Results & Spirit Awards

2021 Festival Results

What a beautiful day for dragon boat racing! We couldn’t have asked for any better weather.

We weren’t quite sure what the race times would be for our 10-person teams, but with a little push from a south wind, they were pretty close to our 2019 results. Half of the teams in the finals posted race times of less than one minute–a blisteringly fast pace for 10 people.

Congratulations to all our paddlers for a job well done!

Check out all the results divisional results below or download the full race results!


2021 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival – Divisional Winners

 Gold MedalTimeSilver MedalTime
Division A CommunityDHVT Youth00:56.39Soaring Shamrocks01:01.13
Division A SportBTBC Titans Bo Ba Tea00:55.51BTBC Titans Ba Ka00:55.03
Division BSoaring Ruckers00:56.85Snap Destroyoars00:57.55
Division CCancer Avengers01:02.18Cape Cod BarBEERians00:57.55
Division DBeta Motor-Boaters01:04.79Traveling Dragons01:13.77
Division ECollins Boats of Glory01:00.29Leader of the PAC01:05.71

And then…there was an exhibition race between the winners of the Sport and Community teams in Division A. The Boston Taiwanese Boat Club’s Bo Ba Tea team edged out the Dragonheart Vermont Youth team by just over one tenth of a second to win the Dragon Braggin’ Cup race with a time of 00:58.49 seconds.

Congratulations to both teams of young paddlers!

2021 Spirit Award Winners

Everyone brought their fun and creative spirits to the Festival along with their athleticism and racing prowess. Here are the standouts!

Best Team Song/Cheer

DHVT Sunshine Sisters
Hope in the Boat

Best Team Name

Plattsburgh Pacemaker
BTBC Titans
(all 3 Boston Taiwanese Boat Club crews)

Best Team Tent Site

Banchors Aweigh (Northfield Savings Bank)
UVMMC Dragon Techs

Best Team Shirt/Costume

Cape Cod BarBEERians
Beta Motor-Boaters

Best Drummer Costume

CVHHH Homecare Heroes
Veterans Dragon Boat USA