2019 Race Results

Your 2020 Race Results will be posted here after the conclusion of races. Meanwhile, check out the blazing fast times of our 2019 competitors! 

2019 Festival Results

What a beautiful day for dragon boat racing. We couldn’t have asked for any better weather.

The racing was fast and close! More than half of our final races came down to less than 1 time difference.

Check out all the results divisional results below or download the full race results!


2019 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival – Divisional Winners

Division AOrangetheory Fitness00:54.22Soaring Ruckers00:55.37SNAP Dragonz00:56.98
Division BTD Bank Titans00:56.94PC Paddlers00:57.46  
Division CThe Fanny Pack01:01.10Collins Boats of Glory01:01.60  
Division DIn This Together00:58.59Rhythm and Blues00:58.94  
Division EFreedom & Unity01:02.84Norwich University01:05.82Dragon Fuel01:06.35
BCS ChampionshipEmpire Dragons NYC00:57.74DHVT Sisters00:57.85Hope Afloat USA1:03.73