Sandra Cameron of Barre, an accomplished organizational leader with over 20 years of experience in non-profit organizations, has been named Executive Director of Dragonheart Vermont effective January 2023. She succeeds Nina Atkinson, who is retiring after having led the organization since 2018.

Cameron currently works as the Associate Executive Director with another Vermont non-profit organization and previously served as a public school administrator in central Vermont. In addition, Sandra has taught in institutions of higher education and has served on many state-level committees and panels.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from the University of Southern Maine and two master’s degrees (Occupational Therapy and Education). Sandra is also an active community volunteer.

Says Cameron, “Joining Dragonheart Vermont as the Executive Director is a natural next step and a perfect fit. Since becoming a Dragonheart Vermont member in 2021, I’ve discovered the power of an incredible support group, I’ve gained access to skillful coaching, and I’ve engaged in meaningful community giving. I am deeply committed to Dragonheart Vermont’s mission and will bring vast experience, positive energy, and an innovative mindset to the organization.”