Friday, October 12, 2007

WOW ! Sydney, Australa October 4 2007

Hello again , after a week of has been grand and we are back in the USA where we can once again communicate, as we wait for our flight in LA to take us to Philly and on to Vermont. Stay tuned for more to come...we welcome any team Aussies to add to the blog

We left Cairns with yet heavier suitcases after a few more opportunities to shop. I don’t think anyone was prepared for the beauty of Sydney. We stayed at an old elegant hotel called The Grace. The first evening was fun-filled as groups headed off in different directions to explore the city. Sydney is alive at night. It twinkles with all its city lights and city life: shops, restaurants, clubs. The harbour is simply brilliant! All the photos you have ever seen do not do justice to its majesty. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the backdrop for center city and is all lit up at night. You can walk across it center span for free. You can even climb its upper span for $150. But it requires some courage and a breathalyzer test. You must wear a wind suit and be cabled in as you climb to the top of the bridge. No one was game, how about you?

By far, the most incomparable site was the Sydney Opera House. It really takes your breath away. The first night, last minute, the Meyers, Pam, and Linda were able to take in a Gilbert and Sullivan show called The Gondoliers. We were first blown away with the architecture. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Red and Mary Alice ventured down to the Darling Harbour, a center that includes the aquarium, wildlife center, shops, and lots of cafes and outdoor restaurants. Roberta, Elaine, Mary Ellen, and others also ventured down to this fun area the first night. The Veve’s and Bradley’s went out for a night on the town to the tallest building in Sydney with panoramic views of the city. Paula and Jane visited the Botanical Gardens this evening since both are master gardeners. Marianne and John met a friend and ate at Jordan’s in Sydney Harbour. Jim and Penni met their Two Abreast friends for the evening. They enjoyed a monorail ride and ate in Chinatown. (Anyone other team Aussie that is reading this please fill in the blanks or create your own heading in the blog to fill in the blanks!)


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