Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sunday’s Farewell

It was a bittersweet farewell for all of us. After 2 unforgettable weeks together, it was time for our first goodbyes. After hugs and kisses and, of course, photos were taken and we departed to lands afar. John and Marianne headed to Melbourne where John was running in this year’s marathon. Way to go, John!!! Then, they were off to take on the challenge of climbing Oz’s highest peak, Mount . .. . something (please help us here Marianne and John to fill in the details and let us know how your journey went.) Peter and Karen were headed to the breathtaking country of New Zealand to sightsee and even ski. Please, Peter and Karen, let us know all about it! Pam, Red, Mary Alice, Jane, Linda, the Bradley’s and Veve’s headed on to tropical Fiji. The remaining Dragonhearters headed home to Vermont. Please let us know how your journey home was. I am sure there was loads of chuckles.


Anonymous said...

"Wild South"...or the South Island of New Zealand...
We (Peter and Karen) leave Sydney, cross the Tasman Sea to Christchurch, New Zealand and catch a connecting flight to Queenstown nestled between the Remarkable Mountains (and they are!) on the shores of Lake Wakaitipu. This flight (in a 737 believe it or not) skims over the Southern Alps (covered with snow) and completes a tight circle down to the one runway located on the only flat ground in sight. Amazing, and I am very glad I took a Dramimine.
Queenstown is perfect. Like Vail without Americans! The next few days we hike, boat, explore this beautiful region, meeting some great Kiwis along the way. We decide not to ski as there is so very much to do that we cannot do at home. Queenstown is home of every extreme sport you can think of - bungy jumping started here - and the site of the filming of "Lord of the Rings". It is so remarkable it does seem like a fantasy.
Most noteable is that after 33 years of waiting (same time as waiting for my Koala picture!) we head into Milford Sound in the heart of Fiordland. The trip in is incredible, and then we board the Milford Mariner and head into the Sound over calm waters between sheer, weather beaten cliffs that rise to 7,000 feet with hundreds of cascading waterfalls. We kayak looking for seals and penquins - all in a ghostly mist that rises as night arrives. At sunrise we head out into the Tasman Sea and re-enter the sound to such majestic beauty that I won't even try to describe it in words.
The 33 year wait was well worth it!

October 14, 2007 1:26 PM  
Susan said...

I have read with envy all of your postings. what a wonderful experience. All of you did a great job capturing your feelings in addition to the sights and sounds. Thanks for sharing.

See you all the the Spring


October 18, 2007 9:26 AM  

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