Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 3 & 4 of Aussie Trip

Day 3 Hinterland Tour September 26, 2007

Off in the morning on the bus shared with the Wonderbroads of Windsor, Ontario to the Sunshine Coast with driver Mac and host Greg, Aussie native in his old English manner impressing us by describing the flora and fauna in biological terms. (The Veves followed in the car behind practicing their left-hand-side driving skills.)

We headed out to the Hinterland through dramatic hills at the height of 1600 feet with the ocean and lakes at the base of the Blackall hills, which were the traditional Aboriginal sacred lands, were green and lush despite a four year drought. We saw native bunya trees, which produce fruit every three years in the shape of a one foot long pine cone. It was cause for the Aboriginies to celebrate, until the Europeans came- took over and sent them packing- sound familiar?

We then headed to Montville with its English cottages and Swiss chalets and rustic stone houses for some shopping in the quaint stores, where Livona bought beautiful Hemp wear in which she looked and felt marvelous. And Trish could have shopped ‘til she dropped.

Back on the bus to Melany for a delicious lunch of fresh Queensland fish and regional lamb. The setting afforded spectacular views of the Sunshine Coast from the open air porch.

Then off to Settlers Rise Winery situated in the Blackall ranges in Montville for wine tasting on the veranda in a restored Queensland homestead. Views all around of the Obi Obi Valley. White and red wines much enjoyed, especially by our very own Paula (who would have known?) – and reportedly also Gisela.

Next to a lookout with a view of the volcanic Glass House Mountains, which are 29 million years old.

Last stop of the bus tour is the 130 acre rainforest at the Mary Cairnscross Scenic Reserve. We saw a wallaby and wild turkey and an amazing strangler fig tree, which takes over a host tree and eventually the host dies and the fig tree is hollow with light shining through the center.

Dinner on our own and many in bed by 9:00pm (time difference in US and Aussie- US is 14 hours behind Aussie time)

Day 4 – First Day of practice and on our own –September 27, 2007
Water aerobics and synchronized swimming for many in the resort pool. Then off to practice. The supporter team had the pleasure of having an Australian World Champion gold medal winner practice with us. Ester was amazing. The breast cancer team had the pleasure of being led by Gail, who serves as the sweep for the Brisbane Missabittatitti team. She taught them a few new tricks.

Comments from our own Livona:

“A View from the Drummer’s Seat”
Looking down the rows of radiant faces as teammates wait for the “Sit Pretty, Paddles Up, Go!!
The brows furrow, tongues protrude from the corner of the mouth. Such power, such concentration!
The twist and turn, your whole body and soul are into it.
Sweat pours down the forehead.
I love to look at the faces on down the line and the power that goes into each stroke.
I awoke in a funk this morning. It was dark, rainy and chilly. By the time we’d been on the water a few minutes, the sun burst through, clouds flew away and my spirits sang. The water and the togetherness of the team-my heart sang and away flew the black cloud. We are drumming to victory all the way.

Comments form our own Mary Ellen and Elaine

Mary Ellen and Elaine, being avid golfers decided to visit the Greg Norman Club Pelican Country Club. As we exited the Gemini for the 5K walk-about, we were met by the two team bus drivers. They offered to transport us to the Country Club via the forty passenger team bus- Off we went! They gave us plenty of information about the local culture- then dropped us off into a beautiful area of million $ plus homes, a plush golf course and a lovely lunch of wine and salad- or was is salad and wine?
On our return walk, we met an old local fisherman, who was cleaning his day’s catch, as an audience of hungry pelicans watched his every move!. What an adventure in the land of OZ!


Katie & Linda - PRS said...

Thanks so much for the updates- we are missing our Pamela and the photos were a delight!!
Looks like you are all having the adventure of a lifetime and boy oh boy are we jealous!
Give Pam hugs for us and tell her she Joey likes the kangaroo picture!

September 27, 2007 9:46 AM  
Anonymous said...

FanTASTic photos, guys...keep 'em coming!! I have never seen such radiant faces - except maybe on the maternity ward!!!

Thank you thank you!! Miss you!

September 27, 2007 2:16 PM  
Anonymous said...


Hope you and the ladies are having a wonderful time - the pictures are great and SCS is following your trip daily - we miss you - and everything on the home front is great! :)

September 27, 2007 7:24 PM  
Marissa said...

Hey Mom!
(And a big hello to ALL of you)
We talk almost daily about "what time of day is it where Grandma is?" and "What do you think she's doing right now?" We're so happy you have this adventure, and for the people you have found to share it with. We've had absolutely beautiful weather this week (thanks to those powers that be) and today is rainy (thank you, again). Can't wait to hear more about your fun! Love to all, Kim, John, Mia and Marissa

September 28, 2007 6:55 AM  
gail said...

Hi Dragonheart Vermont
its Gail here, the Missabittatitti Supporter who paddles/drums and/or sweeps for MBT. You girls were all so totally awesome out there on water. Power in the boat! Loved sweeping your training session ladies. Thanks for making my AIA 2007 Caloundra such an incredible experience on and off water.

October 10, 2007 5:44 AM  

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