Friday, September 28, 2007

Australia Friday September 28, 2007

Joel made our Dragonheart sign to carry in the parade. It was a big hit with Koala’s dressed in pink shirts and the red, white and blue stripes. We even had a mock ey
Everyone is staying healthy and injury free so far. This morning we awoke to another beautiful day of sunshine and warm weather. The bus picked us up at the resort for our practice session at the Kawana Lake.

The sweep of the BC team said we had some great times. We blew away the supporter DHVT boat, who indicated they were saving their energy for their 200 meter race. Mary Ann C’s dragon breath exercise is working wonders for us.

Jim was the sweep for the supporter boat. They asked if he was certified. Not knowing what that meant- we said he was. We were fully confident in his abilities and he did not prove us wrong. He fit in with the rest of the native Aussie sweeps.

At the practices there was an exhibition boat called the Brave Hearts, which is all wooden and gorgeous. There are metal placards on the seats in memory of those that have died and the names of the survivors are along the inside on a decal. Hearts are painted on the outside instead of fish scales.

The afternoon was the opening ceremony parade and celebration. The costumes were extremely creative. We walked through the center of town and the streets were closed to traffic. Livona was interviewed by the press, but we don’t know if she was on TV or not. The town of Caloundra was very welcoming and everyone extremely friendly.

Our Ben and Jerry’s shirts were a big hit. People here even know about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, but we haven’t found any yet. Of course, we have found some other great kinds. The shirts were so well received that many of our dragonhearters were asked to trade them. Several will come home with shirts from other teams. The Meyers scored big with a shirt from an Aussie team from a paddler, as well as the couch’s shirt. They look marvelous.

Ta-Ta Mates


Linda said...

From Team McSweeney to our amazing Team Aussie--a cheer! Can you tell we had a pep rally @ school today--Homecoming @U-32 and Spaulding this weekend. Here goes....

You say Dragon...we say Heart.
Dragon, Heart! Dragon, Heart!

You say Go...we say Team
Go, Team! Go Team!

You say Number...we say One.
Number, One! Number, One!

This works a little better with 1000 kids in a gym than it does in a blog from half way around the world, but you get the idea!

DragonHeart! Go Team! Number One!

September 28, 2007 4:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

You all continue to look radiant! What a fabulous VT sign Joel made! And the Meyers ought to be the talk of the town when they return to Vermont!! (nice socks, Jim!)
When are the actual races?

Tell Mary Ellen Johnson she missed the moose (they finally had to shoot it) across from Mater Christi. It was enjoying someones backyard. The paper said "a teacher" brought a class of students over to see him!! I'll let her speculate on that one!

Love ya!

September 28, 2007 6:48 PM  
lynne balman said...

Perhaps Jim got a chance to sweep BECAUSE of his SOCKS? And, those bright B&J's shirts are fantastic on you.

I cried when I read about the Brave Hearts dragonboat, but the pink sunglasses on Trish brought me back to smiles.

Have a fantastic race day... I'm practicing Linda's cheers and wish we'd done them at the airport! Joel... the Koala bear paddlers are too cute for words...Lynne Balman

September 28, 2007 7:07 PM  
Anonymous said...

Thanks to you all,
reading the blog and seeing the's almost like being there ...What a great thing to be able to share such a cool adventure!
Best of luck on your races and on continuing to "Not just survive...but thrive !!! Thanks Ann-Marie, that's probably the best advice I've ever gotten....Hope you have the best time ! Everyone sends their love,
Go DragonHeart !!!

September 28, 2007 10:08 PM  
Sam and Ethan said...

Wow!!!! First place. We could not be prouder!!! We miss our Gramma (Red) but can't wait for all the stories when she returns. Lots of love.

Samuel and Ethan

September 29, 2007 8:38 AM  
Karen B said...

My 3 favorite things in one place, Dragonhearters, B&J's & Australia.
You won't find ice cream down under yet, we haven't launched into Aussie yet.
When we do, I hope we live up to the courage and strength that all of you have displayed and set as a high standard while wearing our simple shirts. They look great on you!
Congrats on your success everyone.
Karen B

October 1, 2007 12:57 PM  

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