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Dragonheart Vermont


We are Dragonheart Vermont and we are proud to introduce Vermonters to the paddling sport of dragon boating. Even prouder are we to be a team of breast cancer survivors. The diagnosis of breast cancer has brought us together. We have created a treasured sisterhood to provide support and encouragement to others. Dragonheart Vermont offers an active, health-giving, life-affirming option for breast cancer survivors. We are a support group where the focus is on living, rather than on the disease. We are paddling our way to recovery.

We are sisters at heart,
joined in the race to
end breast cancer
... at last.


Dragonheart is getting ready for its 11th Annual Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival

Dragonheart Vermont

Sunday August 7, 2016



8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Want to join us for a dragon boat race?

Dragonheart Vermont is putting on a fabulous day of dragon boat racing in Burlington, Vermont. It all happens on Sunday, August 7, 2016 for the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival. We invite you all to join in the fun and festivities. Create a team. Join in the races. Pitch in and volunteer. Come enjoy good music and food. Help us raise money for Dragonheart and our Survivorship Now Initiative, our efforts to provide wellness opportunities for cancer survivors in our community. Go to our festival website for all of the details at www.ridethedragon.org. Ride the dragon for charity!

Survivorship NOW

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Abreast Australia

Dragon Down Under

Dragonheart Vermont went to Australia. Follow us on our trip through our blog:

Australia Trip Blog


The members of Dragonheart Vermont strive to promote breast cancer awareness in our community, to provide hope to other cancer survivors and their families to live each moment fully, and to support our own team members in a spirit of camaraderie and joy. When breast cancer survivors participate in dragon boating, they provide a face to the disease and the statistics. Breast cancer is what brought our team members together. Friendship is what keeps us together. Racing dragon boats is not our point. Our race is against breast cancer. In China, the dragon traditionally symbolizes a good omen. It is the heartfelt hope of Dragonheart Vermont that the dragon will protect us until the race against breast cancer brings an end to this disease at last.

Peraques ad fraternitatem
“through the waters to friendship.”
Dragonheart Vermont


Why do we paddle?
Dragonheart Vermont has taken on the sport of dragon boating for our health and well being. After a diagnosis of breast cancer, survivors learn how to embrace life again. Dragon boating helps you feel alive. Just imagine how energizing it feels to be out on a boat on Lake Champlain with the mountains and setting sun as your backdrop. Now imagine sharing this experience with 20 other people who are with you in the boat. The fun of the sport is that it does not require great athletic ability. In dragon boating, no one team member shines. It is a true team sport. Timing is the key. The paddlers must work in perfect unison. Twenty paddles hitting the water at the same moment and propelling the boat forward is a thing of beauty. This synchronicity is health-giving and life-affirming.


Our Serenity Photo
A picture is truly worth a thousand words . . and the photo below evokes so many wonderful words all describing our first season paddling together. Dragonhearter Penni Cross took this photo at our last paddle of the season. We were enjoying one of those perfect September days. Mild temperatures. Blue skies. Mountain views far and wide. Just as the sun was beginning to set, Penni captured this moment. Yes, perfect! We call it our Serenity Photo.

It is also our goal to create an entire club of dragon boat teams including men’s, women’s, mixed, and youth boats. For more information, contact us:

Linda Dyer : 802-238-7625

Penni Cross : 802-777-6505


Your generous tax-deductible contribution will help our team support our mission.

© Dragonheart Vermont
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